Welcome to Your Divi powered Website!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! You can easily use your own domain name in conjunction with this website. You simply need to set your @ record for your domain name to You do this with your domain registrar company. Here’s a helpful video showing how to do this:

Am I responsible for any website maintenance?

No! We take care of all that “techie” stuff for you so you can just focus on having a great website without any of the normal maintenance stuff you would do on your own. You can rest easy knowing that we handle all of the backups, security scans and checking/running updates all on a daily basis.

How do I set the homepage?

Simply go to “Settings” then “Reading” and choose the front page.


How do I use my own logo on the site?

Simply go to “Divi” and then “theme options” in the left hand menu bar and it’s one of the first options you’ll see.


How to change the menu navigation bar

Short Answer: Go to “Appearance” then “Menus”

Here is a quick walk-through of what you can do with your menus and how to adjust what is shown:



Where can I learn more about using Divi?

Check out the “Divi Training” page under “Appearance” on the left side admin menu.